What is in the kitchen - Corn flakes cookies

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What is in the kitchen - Corn flakes cookies


Summer time is the perfect season to share one of my best secret recipes. During the last Neptune birthday our client were delighted to taste them, so after all the success they had I believe that is time for everyone to try making them yourself. 


200g self raising flour -  150g butter - 100g sugar - 2 eggs -50g raisins - 50g chocolate chips


Mix the butter and the sugar in a soft cream, add the eggs and keep on mixing. Once that the mix is smooth, add the flour and integrate it with a wooden spoon. The final result is a soft, but not liquid, dough that sticks like glue to the spoon. When you have this, add the raisins and the chocolate chips. Put the corn flakes in a bowl. With the help of two spoons make small bits of dough and roll them into the corn flakes. Display the on a tray covered with baking paper and put in the van oven for 20 mins preheated at 180°. 

My personal secret (adults only) is to leave the raisins in a glass of milk and spirit (it can be rhum, gin, whiskey..) for 10 mins before the use. Dry them before adding to the mix. With what is left I just would say raise the glass and cheers!

Enjoy them in friendly picnic outside or after a lovely dinner in your garden. Make them stylish with the new Neptune Winsford collection.

Written&Cooked by Erica Fatini (Kitchen designer)

 Images by Oktawia Zagrodzka (sales assistant)

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