The New Collections from Ca'Pietra Tiles

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The New Collections from Ca'Pietra Tiles


The collection from Cap’Pietra has gone from strength to strength since we joined forces with them some years ago. Starting out with a beautiful range of natural stone tiles, the company have extended its expertise into handmade tiles, including the ever trendy terrazzo and encaustic tiles, combining age old techniques with modern day technology. We take a look at some of their newest designs.

The Spitalfields Collection
Named after a trendy central London area that embraces the melting pot of The City financial district and the local famers market, this collection is inspired by the shabby chic aesthetic of the area. Vintage patterns and tumbled edges have never been cooler.
l-r: Spitalfields Retro Star Pattern; Spitalfields Orangery Pattern; Spitalfields Chester Pattern. Available in 45x45cm tiles. Sold in packs of 5. 5 tiles per square metre

Terrazzo Handmade Tiles
These tiles were said to have been created as a low cost flooring solution by builders in Venice using chips of marble set in clay. These days a more sophisticated technique using resins ensures that these composite tiles are beautiful and sturdy, perfect for high traffic areas.
l-r: Porto Romano Terrazzo; Pavia Terrazzo; Monza Terrazzo. Available in 20 x 20cm tiles. 25 tiles per square metre.

Brooklyn Embossed Ceramic Tiles
Design really does come full circle. Originally created in colonial America, they mimicked the original plaster ceiling mouldings from the homes of wealthy Europeans. These tin tiles were hammered and painted as cheaper alternative. These days the now iconic bare tin tiles are symbolic of early American design and Ca’Pietra has interpreted them in ceramic, but this time just for your floors or walls.
Available in ‘Painted’ and ‘Pewter’, and as 33 x 33cm tiles. Sold in packs of 10 totalling 1.09msq.

All tiles are available to order in our Design Studio. Samples are available on request. To find out more or to book an Interior Design appointment, please call our showroom on 061 414490 or email



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