Four new jewel toned colours from Everhot cookers

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Four new jewel toned colours from Everhot cookers


We’d love Everhot’s cookers no matter what colour they are; the efficiency, cost effectiveness and quality had us sold as soon as we saw them. But, unlike Mr. Ford stating his cars were available in every colour as long as it’s black, you can now order your Everhot in four more shades; Tangerine, Aubergine, Teal and Dove Grey.

The jewel like tones Tangerine, Aubergine and Teal are ideal for lovers of colour, while the Dove Grey would suit those looking for something more understated.

The Everhot cookers are currently available in six sizes and 12 colours altogether. For more information or to see our Everhot cooker in action, visit our showroom in Limerick or get in touch.


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